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T4U Plastic Planter with Saucer 6.5 Inch Root Control Set of 6, Dark Green Flower Plant Pot Nursery Seedling Planter Modern Container 0.5 Gallon Outdoor Indoor Use for All House Plants Herbs Cactus


  • [Durable Plastic Planter] – Made of corrosion-resistant resin material, durable and environmentally friendly. Simple lines and harmonious green contributes to a vibrant and fresh charm, silently decorate your living space.
  • [Root Control Design] – There are 4 big holes at the bottom and 16 small holes around the side which create an ideal growth environment for your potted flower plants. Thanks to this feature, plant roots can grow down freely and sturdily, enhance the absorption of moisture, no more worry the roots will intertwine together.
  • [Easy for transplanting] – Here is the beginning for a little seed to grow up from a bud to a beautiful flower and it’s also a new home for all other plants. With its big growth room and unique inner design, your lovely plants can be transplanted in or transplanted out easily. Just a while is enough, everything done!
  • [Stay Cleaning All Day] – Without something to hold this plastic planter, your desktop or your floor will become dirty and you have to clean up frequently. To fix this problem, this green plant pot is packed with matching drainage pallet to collect the overflow water, soil and some other impurities, effectively keep your living space clean day and night.
  • [Specific Details] – Plastic Garden Pot x 6 ( 5 Inch Height x 6.5 Inch Diameter ), Capacity: 0.5 Gal, Plastic Saucer x 6 ( 5.5 Inch Inner Diameter ). For more product details, please refer to item images.

12 Sets / 2.8 Trade Gallon Diameter 9.65″ Brick Red Plastic Pots with Tray/ Root Control Design for Flower, Vegetable, Furit nursry Seedling Plants in The Garden Indoor Outdoor


  • Heavy duty wraparound rim, Easy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • With tray Suitable for indoor placement.Made using high-quality plastic materialsEasy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • Root control channle design that help the Plants to grow for many years
  • Deep pots is suitable for long-rooted plants
  • 2.8 trade Gallon Round flower Pot Diameter 9.65″ x Height 8.94″ (A trade gallon is equal to approximately 0.71 U. S. Liquid gallons. )

6 Sets / 3 Trade-Gallon Diameter 10.28″ Brick Red Plastic Pots with Tray/ Root Control Design for Flower, Vegetable, Furit nursry Seedling Plants in The Garden Indoor Outdoor


  • Heavy duty wraparound rim, Easy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • With tray Suitable for indoor placement.Made using high-quality plastic materialsEasy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • Root control channle design that help the Plants to grow for many years
  • Deep pots is suitable for long-rooted plants
  • 3 Gallon Round flower Pot Diameter 10.28″ x Height 9.28″

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10 Sets / 3 Gallon Diameter 10.28″ Brick Red Plastic Pots with Tray/ Root Control Design for Flower, Vegetable, Furit nursry Seedling Plants in The Garden Indoor Outdoor


  • Heavy duty wraparound rim, Easy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • With tray Suitable for indoor placement.Made using high-quality plastic materialsEasy to handle and to hold heavy plant.
  • Root control channle design that help the Plants to grow for many years
  • Deep pots is suitable for long-rooted plants
  • 3 Gallon Round flower Pot Diameter 10.28″ x Height 9.28″

Propagate Pro Seedling Heating Mat | Fits (1) Standard 1020 Tray | Germination Grow Heat Pad for Seed & Starter Plants Soil Warmer for Indoor Home Gardening (20×48 Single + Heating Thermostat)


  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL GRADE: Heavy duty multi-layer waterproof commercial grade mat, with double insulated wiring for extended life use.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE: Simply plug in and place seedling tray, plants or reptile terrarium on top, gently warms the root area by up to 20°F above the ambient air temperature to improve germination.
  • ✔ MULTIPLE USES: Perfect for starting seedling, plant germination/propagation, home brewing & wine making, pet enclosures and terrariums, such as those used for reptiles, rodents and snakes.
  • ✔ HEATING THERMOSTAT: Coupled with our 1000W Plug in Thermostat Controller, accurately maintain the temperature you require, easy to use 3 button interface and waterproof temp probe. Temp control range is 34-108°F.
  • ✔ DETAILS: 10″x 20.75″ – 20 [email protected] ; 20″x 48″ – 105 [email protected]; Length of Power Cord: 6ft

Looking to buy a new control plants seedlings flower indoor but not sure which one is right for you? Check out this blog post for an in-depth analysis of three popular control plants seedlings flower indoors on the market. We’ll take a look at each control plants seedlings flower indoor’s features, pros and cons, and how it compares to the competition. So whether you’re in the market for a new TV, laptop, or dishwasher, read on for some helpful advice!

It can be so hard to figure out what to buy sometimes. There are just so many control plants seedlings flower indoors on the market, all with different claims and features. How is a person supposed to know which control plants seedlings flower indoor is the best for them? This blog post will help you analyze control plants seedlings flower indoors and figure out which one is right for you. by breaking down what each feature means for you and your life. So, if you’re feeling lost in the sea of control plants seedlings flower indoors, stay tuned! I’m going to break it all down for you.


TOLYS LED Grow Light Strip, 6 Pack Grow Lights for Indoor Plants with Wireless Remote Control, 288W(6 * 48W) High Output Plant Grow Light, Full Spectrum, Grow Lamp for Seedling Veg Flower Hydroponics


  • Full Spectrum – The TOLYS Grow Light 2ft provides full spectrum sunlight replacement for indoor plants. We provide the most reasonable growth light wave according to the absorption ratio of plants
  • 7 Dimmable Brightness Levels: There are 7 different levels of dimmable light – 10%, 20%, 25%, 40%, 50%, 80%, 100% – to meet the lighting requirements of each plant at different stages, In addition, the plant light can be freely set by the remote control (98 feet / 30 meters away).
  • Auto On/Off 0.25/0.5/1/2H Timer: The timer function of the full spectrum grow light allows up to 0.25/0.5/1/2H lighting time to meet the growing needs of plants and vegetables. Once set, the grow light will automatically turn off after the set time, then the grow light will turn on at the same time the next day, 24 hours cycle.
  • Scientific Thermal Design – Our indoor grow lights are backed by aerospace-grade radiators and high-quality aluminum housings. This improved design will protect the grow light bulbs from getting too hot, which is important for reducing light loss and extending the lamp life to over 50,000 hours without burning plants.
  • Quality After-sales Service: If there is any problem with the grow light or during use, please let us know, we are willing to solve it for you. Tip: For your safety, do not touch the head of the grow light while lighting.

LED Grow Light 600W Growing Lamp with Powerful Cooling System, with Remote Control Full Spectrum Triple Modes LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (150PCS LEDs)


  • Energy-Saving: Our LED plant grow lamp with Upgraded Epistar LED Chips have lower watt, but get larger illumination. CASTNOO indoor plant light adopts a high-tech LED chip, saving 95% energy compared with HPS/HID and easily replace a 600W HPS or HID while consuming 75 watts of actual power.
  • 3 Dimmable Modes&Remote Control: This indoor grow lights for plants has 3 lighting modes, which have different function in different growth stages of plants.Blue LED and white LED only used for seed or seedling growth; Red LED and white LED for blooming. For flowering, both Veg and Bloom modes can be used.You can easily switch among them with remote control.
  • Reflector Cup Design: Our LED growing lamp is designed with Concentrating Reflector Cup to keep the balance with excellent PAR Output and suitable Coverage.Concentrating reflector design increase PAR Output and the utilization of light, 90% of the emitted light can be absorbed by plants.
  • Powerful Cooling System, No Danger: The plant grow light is bulit in high quality fan and unique aluminum heat sink design to maximize heat dissipation area, enable the light bulb to work at 50°F to 60°F that is lower than other lamps, the LED maintains a cooler temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use.
  • Full Spectrum: CASTNOO LED growth lights has special ratios of spectrum from 380 nm to 780 nm (including UV) which based on 10 years of research and testing. Full spectrum grow lamp provides everything plants desire of different stage in the natural sunlight. IR UV led promote plants to defense mechanisms; Red light promotes plants grow and flowering, red LED is the key for flowering plants; Blue light Help plants grow.

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We have many control plants seedlings flower indoor products with different functions.


Seed Starter Kit with Dome and Light, 80 Cells Indoor Plant Starter Tray for Seeding Flower Germination kit with Growing Light with 10 Pcs Humidity Strip for Seedling kit’s Humidity Control


  • Durable and Reusable – The seed starter tray is made of a thick durable polypropylene.It comes with plant lights and humidity dome which allow you to grow a variety of plants in multiple seasons.You can stack them up when you’re not using them.
  • Seed Starter Kit with Grow Light – The seed starting trays are a convenient and efficient planting tool.Our seed starter kit comes with full-spectrum plant grow lights which can help you control light conditions ,it allows fast germination of your vegetables and flowers and other plant seeds.
  • Excellent Humidity Control – The humidity indicator strips let you konw the humidity environment of the seeds.You can help the seeds grow with optimum humidity by controlling the frequency of watering and rotating the top dome.We provide 10 reusedable humidity strips.
  • Follow Your Seeds Grow – We provide 10 labels for tagging seeds.You can observe the process of seed growth through the transparent cover.The green tools can fill the seeds in the soil and take the seedlings out of the cell and plant them in the garden or pot.
  • The MiaCara seed starter box has all the seed starting supplies to start your planting career.Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can quickly get the desired effect.

Olafus LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 84 LEDs Bulbs Growing Light 160W Full Spectrum Growing Lamp, 3/6/9/12H Timer, 10 Dimmable Brightness, Plug and Play, for Succulents Seedlings Veg and Flowers


  • FULL SPECTRUM: 84 high-quality LED chips (46 Red, 16 Blue, 18 White, 4 Invisible LEDs) provide full-spectrum light just like natural sunlight, contributing to plant germination, growth, flowering and fruiting, helpful for all growth stages.
  • AUTO ON/OFF TIMING: Equipped with the remote control for ten-level dimming and 3, 6, 9, 12 hours Cycle timing. Plant growing lamps can be set to turn on at a specific time of the day, automatically turn off after 3 (or 6, 9, 12) hours of work, and automatically work at the same time every day according to your settings.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Using 50CM retractable steel rope, freely adjust the height of the plant lamp to output different light range and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. The recommended distance of the full spectrum grow light from the plant canopy is 0.3-1m.
  • TWO INSTALLATION METHODS: Growlight can be ceiling-mounted or installed with retractable steel ropes. Easy to use with 6.56ft power cord, on/off switch.
  • ENERGY SAVING&WIDELY USED: Compared with the traditional 160W HPS light, it only consumes 32W, providing brighter light and saving more electricity. Don’t worry about your bills. The sun lamps for plants are suitable for growing succulents, orchids, African violets, basil, tomatoes, tomatoes, rosemary, green peppers, greenhouse, and other common houseplants.

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Advantages of a product are key to its success. Whether it is a tangible item or a service, having clear benefits that appeal to the customer is essential. So what factors make up product advantages? What makes one product more desirable than another? There are many different aspects to consider, but some of the most important ones are quality, price, and convenience. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

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iPower 2 Pack 10″ x 20.5″ Warm Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat and Digital Thermostat Control Combo Set for Plant Germination, Black


  • Variety of Uses: Perfect for indoor gardening, for better plant growth and flower seed germination, spring seedling starts and cutting propagation.
  • Uniform and Stable Temperature: Seedling heat mat is the new stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction, can warm root area 10-20°F over ambient temperature. Thermostat provides constant temperature control for your various environments
  • Temperature Control: Digital thermostat provides temperature control between 40°F – 108°F (5-42°C), Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit readout. The sensor probe delivers accurate readings in both cool and warm environments.
  • Package Includes: 2 – heat mat (10″x 20. 5″ Watt: 17. 5W)/ 2 – digital thermostat (120 volts/ 8. 3 amps max/ 60 Hz/ 1000 Watts) easy plug-in operation with LED illuminated indicator lights & three-prong grounded plug
  • Good Service: If you are not completely satisfied with our product or receive a defective product we are happy to find an acceptable solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

HONORSEN 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 3x4ft Coverage Remote Control Dimmable Grow Lamps with Timer Plant Light for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (638Pcs LEDs)


  • 🍀【HIGH EFFICIENCY ENERGY SAVING】This 2000W grow light has 638pcs LEDs with a larger irradiation area, provides more light output and better light penetration. High energy efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, light output PPFD value is 1657 umol/m²at 12”, and consumes only 200W! Veg footprint is 3x4ft, Flowering footprint is 2x4ft.
  • 🍀【DIMMABLE AND TIMING FUNCTION】The intensity of light can be adjusted from 0% to 100% according to the needs of plants. This grow lamp can be timed to 4,8,12,16 hours with memory function, which can automatically turn on and off everyday without manual operation, very convenient. The remote control design supports unified dimming and timing for multiple lights, especially beneficial for large-scale indoor planting and commercial planting.
  • 🍀【OPTIMAL FULL SPECTRUM GROW LIGHT】The leds are all new technology SMD leds. The growing lamp contains 3000K, 5000K, 3535-660nm, 660nm and 730nm, ideal for indoor plant from veg to flower growing. Uniform canopy penetration to maximize higher yields and crop quality, much better than traditional HPS grow systems.
  • 🍀【NO NOISE AND LOW HEAT GROWING LIGHT】No additional fan and zero noise. This led plant grow light used large areas of aluminum heat sink, which can speed up the heat dissipation, making the ambient heat very low, so you don’t have to worry about it will burn or damage your plants.
  • 🍀【PROFESSIONAL SERVICE】3 years warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee. Honorsen is a professional LED Grow Light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours with professional service. (Please note: The remote control and thermometer are not include batteries)

Earth’s Ally 3-in-1 Plant Spray | Insecticide, Fungicide & Spider Mite Control, Use on Indoor Houseplants and Outdoor Plants, Gardens & Trees – Insect & Pest Repellent & Antifungal Treatment, 24oz


  • 3-IN-1 GARDEN SPRAY – Earth’s Ally 3-in-1 Plant Spray is an insecticide, miticide and fungicide. The formula effectively controls soft-bodied insects and common plant diseases with a synergistic blend of botanical oils.
  • KILLS AND REPELS INSECTS – Kills common soft-bodied insects including spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, leaf rollers and scale.
  • CONTROLS AND PREVENTS DISEASE – Controls common plant disease including powdery mildew, downy mildew, blight, canker, black spot and leaf spot.
  • SAFE FOR PEOPLE, PETS & PLANET – Formulated with safe ingredients, the actives in Earth’s Ally 3-in-1 Plant Spray are thyme oil, rosemary oil, clove oil and peppermint oil. It is an OMRI Listed formula suitable for use in organic gardening.
  • PROVEN BEE SAFE – Earth’s Ally is committed to protecting our pollinators. Every formula is independently tested and proven safe for the bee population.

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LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Plant Growing Lamps for Indoor Plants, 20W Full Spectrum Adjustable Gooseneck 9 Dimmable Levels 3 Modes Timing Function, 1 Head


  • 🌻3 MODES & 9 DIMMABLE LEVEL–9 dimmable level of brightness to adjust grow light intensity for different stage of plant growing.Grow light give you more freedom to alter the mode and adjust grow light to meet different plants need, protect your plants. You can turn on/off each arm individually and change the grow light intensity, depending on the growth stage.
  • 🌻FULL SPECTRUM–This grow light provide Red & Blue which give off targeted spectrum range from 450nm to 660nm.The red light is essential to plants for seed germination, root growth,flowering and development. The blue light help chlorophyll form, helping the plants take in more energy leading to healthy plant.
  • 🌻STURDY & FLEXIBLE NECK–Grow light with 360-degree flexible neck and clamp allow you to adjust angle and distance between the lamp and plants which provide more efficient illumination light for more plants at the same time. With anti-slip clamp, they are sturdy enough to hold their position for the best coverage around the plants.This grow light allows to be placed anywhere in your home or office.
  • 🌻AUTO ON/OFF & TIMING FUNCTION–The Grow Light with an automatic timing function and a USB plu.The circular-memory timing function works automatically. 3/9/12H timer setting options according to plant different stage,which requires no manual operation and takes good care of your plants when you are on work or a vacation.
  • 🌻ECO-FRIENDLY & EASY To USE–Mercury-free,no UV or IR. No harm to the environment and your family. The LED growing light has a USB connector which makes it convenient to connect.The 4 operation button make the growing light work easily.

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